You’ve Cut Your Budget and Reduced Your Resources. Is Outsourcing Right For You?

27 01 2015

In response to the economic slowdown many organizations are forced to reduce their budgets and often their workforce. Although resources may become limited, the reporting obligations and deadlines don’t change, requiring companies to reorganize their employee workloads to ensure that their business continues to thrive throughout these challenging times. When a downturn occurs, we immediately begin receiving calls asking us how we can help companies continue to meet their reporting obligations. Before engaging in any new process we encourage clients to review their current structure and to use the following as a guide to determine what they can continue to manage internally and what they may need to outsource.

Compliance deadlines don’t change. How will you keep up with SEDAR, SEDI and Exchange filings? Does the person responsible for these items have the time and experience needed to handle stock option grants/exercises, NCIB filings, TSX SecureFile or CSE reports, shareholder meetings and the various filings required for each? We have the experience to help our clients manage the deadlines and the numerous regulatory filings allowing them to continue to focus on their core business.

Maintain good governance practices. A reduction in resources shouldn’t mean that your governance practices suffer, but how will you ensure that your minutes are properly recorded, that your policies and procedures are maintained and that you are meeting Exchange and Securities Commission policies? We understand good governance and can work with the Board of Directors and C-Suite executives to help maintain current policies and develop new ones as required and as changes in the regulatory landscape demand.

Retaining expertise. If you’ve had to downsize your workforce, how can you still have access to the knowledgeable people who understand your compliance needs? While using legal counsel is imperative for some transactions, many of our clients use our services in conjunction with their legal counsel to reduce costs while maintaining high compliance standards.

Following a review of what the company can maintain in-house and what they would like to outsource, we will develop a personalized service plan designed specifically to meet their needs.

If you would like to know how we can help your company meet its ongoing filing requirements and governance needs contact us today at 403-452-8002 or by email at

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